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Here is the place I will show some of my favorite games that inspired me everyday in my work.
Hollow Knight is one of the first Indie Game I experienced. When I first started the game, I was liking it but it wasn't something revolutionnary.
But after a few hours roaming around Hallownest, I fell in love with the World Design.
Their are so many details in the environment, that I just wanted to discover everything (And I might not have completed it yet!). The world and the characters are responding to what you've done in the game and it feels like the game is alive.

Hollow knight

Team Cherry

Celeste is for me the best example of how to create a lot of diversity with a simple mechanic.
I love the way they developed Level Design elements and pushing them as far as possible. They don't stop at the first possible usage for it, they try to find new way of using the elements by mixing them together or by addind some special interaction with the player kit!
The narration is also incredible and I sometimes had goosebumps while watching at some cinematics. They manage to keep things simple but with a "small" modification, the feeling changes a lot.


Matt Makes Games


Katana Zero



Dead Cells

Motion Twin


Little Nightmares

Tarsier Studios


Monument Valley




The Game Bakers

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