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Who am I?
Console de jeu


It's kind of obvious, but I clearly am someone playing video games on my free time.

I'm playing many different kinds of game, such as Competitive, Narrative, Horror, Indie games... But recently I find myself in love with 2D Plateformers games.
You can find some of my favorites games
here. I'm not posting all the games that I play and like, but clearly the one that inspired me a lot while working on my own games.

Curious, autonomous, proactive, open minded but sometime stubborn, all the small things that define me.
But I like to discuss of new things with people, debate and argue, try to find the best solution that suits a project.
I'm a Developer, but I like to create tools and help people in their tasks if needed. I always try to find solutions to simplify the implementation of a mechanic without breaking the feeling that goes with it.
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